Decluttering Misunderstood

I recently did an open house for another agent. The homeowner had removed every semblance of personality from the home. Shelves and bookcases were swept clean but every room had excess furniture crowding each room. The net result – each room looked small and unattractive. What do my followers think about staging a home properly? I’ll share my ideas in my next post.

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2 thoughts on “Decluttering Misunderstood”

  1. Hi David ~
    I love your matter of fact style ~very readable and practical. I read a lot about real estate marketing, but so much does not apply to the South, and specifically to our state/locale . We seem to be blessed with a multitude of opinionated retired couples who want to downsize but make their agent double as a therapist, a multitude of angry divorced women saddled with a house needing repairs but there is NO MONEY.,,
    and a multitude of dog/cat rescuers who pack the crates up against the wall and leave while you “show” the house … if that is even possible.
    Feel free to write about how agents have become magnets for crazy people and unrealistic expectations.
    Love your work !
    Karen Lewis


    1. Karen,

      Thank you for commenting and for your compliment. As a former social worker and then a CEO of a retail building materials business I have a lot of experience dealing with all sorts of customers. Whenever I had a difficult client I tried to remember they were the minority, though at the time they seemed all consuming. I was sharing with my broker today that being a white haired, senior citizen has made it possible for me to enjoy a high level of trust from my clients. I believe sincerity, a genuine interest in the clients best interest and expertise in the subject at hand engenders trust. I’ve been blessed throughout most of my career with wonderful customers. Once in a while though I made a decision to “fire a customer.” When it becomes clear that a client is a bad fit it’s best to act quickly. The short term loss of income pales in comparison to long term health. I wish you well and happy selling.


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