Staging a home for sale

In my last post I introduced the idea that “Declutering” is misunderstood.  I’m posting about this because I see it done badly far too often.  When preparing a home begin by getting rid of all the kids stuff they left behind; by having a yard sale or a Goodwill pick-up.  Start big.  Then remove all the clothes you no longer wear.  Prospective buyers will look in your closets and everywhere else too.  Throw away or give away everything you can, then you’re reading to begin staging and getting ready to list your home.

First remove all furniture that makes rooms appear crowded.  This will make the rooms seem bigger and more pleasing to the eye.  It also opens up new ways to arrange your furniture that may show better.  Next remove excess personal items – but don’t remove all vestiges of your family’s personality.  The goal is to help the prospective buyer imagine themselves in your home.  Now you can see what rooms need to be painted and where touch up is needed. Neutral colors are generally better but don’t follow this slavishly.

Now repair or replace everything that you’ll be forced to do anyway.  Once the home is inspected you’ll be presented a list of items that are unsafe, unsound or objectionable.  I had a neighbor, in an upscale neighborhood who, for years, had black plastic instead of garage doors on a detached garage.  Two months before moving he had beautiful carriage style doors installed.  I bet his wife could have killed him!  Last, make the front entry pop.  Create a focal point that makes your home stand out. Paint the door a contrasting color or have it re-stained. Plant colorful flowers and have the landscaping freshened up.  Never forget that you have to give your agent the best product available if you want your house to get your asking price within an acceptable time-frame.

What do you think?  Any feedback?

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