Staging and Selling Your Home

I posted the video link below to highlight a great example of a home properly staged.  See for yourself why this home was under contract in three days at full asking price.  If the video doesn’t launch you can see the video at


Preparation for listing began with a meeting several weeks before we listed the house.  A list of ten or so items was suggested and the reasons why each item was important was explained.  We started by improving curb appeal: adding a wreath and a hanging plant to focus the eye at the front entry and planting colorful flowers to make the home stand out. Decluttering was accomplished by placing excess furniture in storage and reducing knick-knacks and family pictures without stripping the house of personality.


Paint was freshened up as needed and a few minor cosmetic issues were addressed that might have given potential buyers pause.

The kitchen had already been renovated,  KITCHEN2but as you can see below it was polished and staged to make it a highly desirable in a house at this price.



As a finishing touch we focused on helping the next owner imagine themselves living in this house, enjoying the outdoor spaces. BACK7 BACK4MASTERBR1MASTERBR4


The MBR sealed the deal.  Who couldn’t imagine laying their heads down on a comfortable bed at the end of each day?

And, as you can tell the seller’s hired a talented professional photographer to make sure their home stood out.

Mission accomplished.  What do you think?

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Robin Williams & St. Jude Children’s Hospital

Robin William’s brought light into nearly every circumstance.  Visiting troops over seas, raising money for the homeless and just making us laugh from our easy chairs.  His comedic genius lightened our loads but couldn’t lighten his.  When Robin appeared in a Saint Jude Children’s Hospital commercial with my hero Brennan Simkins I could not have been prouder of him.  You see Brennan was in a desperate fight for survival from childhood cancer that struck him days before his seventh birthday.  Seeing him laugh with Robin dispelled sadness and worry, if just for a moment.

Why the example of kids who struggled with the worst life offered didn’t sustain him in his darkness is a mystery.  How the man who played his role so convincingly in Good Will Hunting could kill himself haunts me.  How?  Why?  Could anything have sustained him until the worst of the depression passed?  We’ll never know.  I do know this: friendship, true, faithful friendship that is not concerned with getting back, that gives freely is what sustains me.  When I’m low a call or email from a friend, an unexpected, unscheduled visit does wonders to remind me why life is worth living.  So does reflecting on the courage of young kids like Brennan who mouthed these words over and over while he fought through terrible sickness – “I can do this, I can do this, I can do this.”

Lastly, and most importantly the words “…even the darkness is not dark to you O Lord” sustains me.

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How to Design a Colorful Flowerbed, Real Estate Tips for Knowledgeable Sellers”>How to

Gardens make your property stand out, your home “pops” and garners more attention than your neighbors or most importantly your home is viewed as superior to other homes listed for sale.  Selling your home at the price you want, in the time frame you specify is greatly enhanced by a relatively small investment.  The icing on the cake?  It’s simple.  While you live there why not enjoy a beautiful environment.  It will make you happy!

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