Perkin’s Closing January 30, 2015

Beverly Dye and I were honored to help Vance and Lauren select and purchase their first home.  Everything went thru without a hitch.

This newly married couple looked at a wide range of houses in person and on-line before deciding on a new home in Riverwood Plantation in Columbia County, Ga.  As Vance settled in to his new job and Lauren graduated from the Medical College finding a new home often had to take a back seat to higher priorities.  Once they were settled in to two new jobs finding the perfect home at the price point that fit their budget became a priority.  Thankfully, they found a home that had most everything they wanted that was just a short distance from Lauren’s parents.  My partner in this transaction, Beverly Dye, deserves the credit for finding the home that met their needs.  We all regret that Beverly could not join us today but pneumonia care determined that she get well soon.

Closing Perkins Closing Perkins Home


Can Home Staging Really Win Over Buyers?

Eighty-one percent of REALTORS® who represent buyers say that staged homes make it easier for their home buyers to visualize a property as their future home. Forty-six percent of buyer agents also reported that staging makes their buyers more willing to tour a home they viewed online, and 45 percent say that buyers tend to view the value of the home more positively if it is decorated to buyers’ tastes.

Twenty-eight percent of agents said their buyers are even more willing to overlook other property faults if a home is staged, according to NAR’s survey.

Buyer agents also say that staging can potentially influence how much their buyers are willing to offer for a home. According to the survey, thirty-two percent of buyer agents surveyed say that staged homes increase the dollar value buyers are willing to offer for a home by 1 percent to 5 percent; 16 percent said it could increase offers by 6 percent to 10 percent.

However, not everyone chooses to stage a home in prepping it for sale. Forty-four percent of seller agents say they only suggest that sellers declutter and fix property faults, and they do not recommend that their clients should professionally stage the home.

Indeed, about 34 percent of seller agents surveyed say they stage all the homes they list; 13 percent stage only “difficult” homes to sell; and 4 percent only stage high-priced homes they list, according to the NAR survey.

Here are additional findings from the NAR survey:

  • The median dollar value to stage a home: $675 per home
  • Among homes that are staged, here’s how it is often paid for: 62 percent of sellers’ agents offer the home staging servicing to sellers; 39 percent say that the sellers pay for staging prior to the home being listed; 10 percent of sellers pay for staging after the home is sold; and 3 percent of agents’ firms pay for the home staging service.
  • The three most important rooms to be staged for buyers: living room, kitchen, and master bedroom.

By REALTOR® Magazine Daily News

Moving to Fort Gordon – The Best Military Rebate Program

Are you thinking about moving to a new home close to Fort Gordon?  If so, you need to check out this incredible offer.

Blanchard and Calhoun Real Estate Company, as a member of Leading RE now has the best rebate program in the industry.  If you qualify for USAA or Navy Federal Credit you qualify for M.O.M.  Additionally, at the local level B&C offers the program to Veterans, not just retired Veterans as some programs do.

Additionally, in most cases the rebate is higher, there is no waiting – the rebate is applied at the closing, and the rebate may be used on either the buyer or seller side.

If you qualify don’t pass up this benefit designed to honor you and your family for your service to our country.  Contact David Steele, your Certified Military Specialist, to determine if you’re eligible.

Importantly, you are not bound to use this program with any particular mortgage program and you are not obligated to use a mortgage providers rebate program simply because they are providing your mortgage.

If you anticipate getting orders for Fort Gordon or the Cyber Warfare Center of Excellence check out the Flyer below:

MOM Flyer

The Real Estate Market in Augusta, GA by David Steele

If you’re moving to Augusta, GA for work or lifestyle you may be curious about the state of the real estate market here.  Perhaps you are moving as a member of the military or an employee of the Cyber Warfare Center of Excellence, NSA, Fort Gordon.  Or, maybe you have sworn you’ve wielded a snow shovel for the last time?  Let me start by reassuring you that prices here are lower than almost any other area  of the country.  The best news is that the quality of the housing stock here is significantly above average and demand is not, at this time, outstripping supply.

Prices here are expected to rise 6% in 2015, according to the Terry College of Business at the University of Georgia.  State-wide housing prices are nearly at pre-recession levels.  Growth in housing prices should be consistent and out-pace the rest of the nation for several years to come.  Nevertheless, even after years of price inflation you will be able to buy more house and a better house here than almost anywhere else in the country.

Additionally, people here are friendly and the level of stress (think of all the time wasted in traffic jams) is so low you’ll feel yourself unwinding.  Local restaurants abound like my fav’s Frog Hollow, The Bistro, Abel Brown, the French Market Grille and Calvert’s.  Of course all the chain’s are here too.  Whatever Augusta lacks is a short drive away: big cities like Atlanta and Charlotte are nearby; Charming Colonial cities Charleston, SC and Savannah, GA are two and one-half hours away as are beaches and the mountains.  Of course there is a lot to do here: think Golf, at our many public courses, gated golf neighborhoods like Westlake and Champion’s Retreat, or the exclusive Sage Valley Country Club, Augusta Country Club and the Augusta National if you’re particularly blessed.  Boating on the river or the lake; fishing; disc golf, horses (think Aiken and Dogwood Stables & Fox hunting in Thomson); the Riverwalk and great music and shopping downtown.  If history, architecture and archeology are your thing we’ve got American Indians, Revolutionary and Civil War sites and historic neighborhoods galore.

Let me know if I can help.  I’m dedicated to serving you.  I provide you with all you need to decide on neighborhoods, select and negotiate with seller’s, put you in touch with lenders and even give you my highly rated history tour.

Write to me at dsteeletwg@ or contact me @

A complimentary copy of the 2015 Georgia Economic Outlook can be downloaded by visiting and use promo code SELIG15 at final checkout to download your copy.


Sold in 3 Days


Joey Barrs, this home’s owner, kindly created this marketing piece for me.  Check back frequently to get the full story of how we got these results.  It started with coaching, continued with excellent preparation by the owner’s and a decision to wait until the house was ready to make a great impression.  There’s more, of course.  Coming up: How we got great results for the seller and a “win” for the buyer.

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Are we in a Seller’s Market in Augusta, GA? Poll

Most recently Augusta, Ga and its environs experienced what real estate pro’s call a balanced market.  Neither seller’s or buyer’s had an advantage.

Recently I listed a home in Evans, Ga that attracted a lot of attention.  Seven hundred and forty eight people viewed the virtual tour in just a few days, there were three showings and three offers before the owner accepted one of the three.  Competition was fierce and resulted in a good outcome for the seller.  In a follow up post I’ll discuss this in greater depth.  I’ll also discuss the other factors that helped create this scenario.  

My question to the real estate community in the CSRA is: Has the balance shifted to favor the interests of seller’s?  What do you think?

PS: Thank you for all the concerns expressed after my son’s motorcycle accident.  He’s much better and firmly ensconced behind the wheel of an automobile.  Posts will be more frequent in the future.  If you want to Follow Me click on the Follow button in the lower right corner.  Until next time, I wish you joy.

Briggs Rd, Edgefield, SC 29803

Just under 4 acres in a beautiful Hardwood forest with shared access to a beautiful pond.  Easy access to Highway 25, Highway 230 and I-20.  5.2 miles to Exit 5 off I-20.  Short commute to Augusta, GA; Fort Gordon; Savannah River Site and Aiken, SC.  Enjoy rural setting minutes from everything you need.

Revel in the outdoor life: fishing, hunting, hiking and boating can be daily activities.  Experience peace, quiet and privacy.  Previous owner has site plan of where they were going to locate their home before they were transferred.

Why build in a neighborhood when you can enjoy so much more!

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