Are we in a Seller’s Market in Augusta, GA? Poll

Most recently Augusta, Ga and its environs experienced what real estate pro’s call a balanced market.  Neither seller’s or buyer’s had an advantage.

Recently I listed a home in Evans, Ga that attracted a lot of attention.  Seven hundred and forty eight people viewed the virtual tour in just a few days, there were three showings and three offers before the owner accepted one of the three.  Competition was fierce and resulted in a good outcome for the seller.  In a follow up post I’ll discuss this in greater depth.  I’ll also discuss the other factors that helped create this scenario.  

My question to the real estate community in the CSRA is: Has the balance shifted to favor the interests of seller’s?  What do you think?

PS: Thank you for all the concerns expressed after my son’s motorcycle accident.  He’s much better and firmly ensconced behind the wheel of an automobile.  Posts will be more frequent in the future.  If you want to Follow Me click on the Follow button in the lower right corner.  Until next time, I wish you joy.


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