Flood Insurance Conundrum Resolved

I’d no sooner posted the previous blog when another hurdle was placed in our path.  Just when we thought the last barrier had tumbled.

Several weeks work resulted in the establishment of a “Base Flood Elevation” (BFE).  Then, we successfully managed to get a “signed and sealed” certificate of elevation from a certified engineer. Breathing a sigh of relief we sent the “signed and sealed” certificate to the insurance provider.  Imagine our disappointment when the underwriter said it “wasn’t sufficient”.  To our dismay we were told we had to send everything to the “flood community” of Columbia County and get them to write a letter that contained six or seven provisions.  Any hope of closing the loan last week was dashed.  Thankfully Shari an overworked employee of Columbia County was able to review the paperwork and visit the property two business days after we contacted her.  She wrote the letter we needed and the underwriter accepted it.

Our take-away: Don’t give up, don’t let a deal fall apart if it can be saved.  Some counseled that it was pointless to “fight FEMA” but it turned out that the fight was winnable.

Closing is set for Friday afternoon.  God willing there will not be a third post on this subject.


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