Sold in 3 Days: The Rest of The Story Part 1

Coaching, preparation, staging and patience played an important part in how this home looked on day one of the listing.  Patience is required when the standard is to remove all objections before they’re asked.  Professional photography, a virtual tour and a broad marketing campaign got the listing noticed.  These items set the table and created the ambiance that whet the buyers appetite.

House photos 01 House photos 02 House photos 03 House photos 04

Pricing the home required finesse.  My advice to the seller was to wait until the day we listed to set the price.  I’m glad we did.  Statistics provided by Blanchard & Calhoun’s guru of all things mathematical, Doug Reese, demonstrated that the inventory of homes in this area, in this price range, were equal to or slightly less than 3 months.  An evaluation of other comparative market data suggested a lower list price than I preferred.  The fact that there were no other homes in this ideally located neighborhood, the house was immaculate and inventory was low led me to suggest a price significantly higher than we anticipated a week earlier.

Coming soon:  The final installment

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