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Perkin’s Closing January 30, 2015

Beverly Dye and I were honored to help Vance and Lauren select and purchase their first home.  Everything went thru without a hitch.

This newly married couple looked at a wide range of houses in person and on-line before deciding on a new home in Riverwood Plantation in Columbia County, Ga.  As Vance settled in to his new job and Lauren graduated from the Medical College finding a new home often had to take a back seat to higher priorities.  Once they were settled in to two new jobs finding the perfect home at the price point that fit their budget became a priority.  Thankfully, they found a home that had most everything they wanted that was just a short distance from Lauren’s parents.  My partner in this transaction, Beverly Dye, deserves the credit for finding the home that met their needs.  We all regret that Beverly could not join us today but pneumonia care determined that she get well soon.

Closing Perkins Closing Perkins Home